Description of testimonials

“We enjoyed Morgan’s whimsical and beautiful drawings so much that we put it in our film, Vulva 3.0. The illustrations are respectful and loving.” — Claudia Richarz and Ulrike Zimmermann, directors of “Vulva 3.0”

“Morgan’s book is a humorous and loving look at genital variety in all their wonder. Anyone who takes such great care to be respectful, inclusive and educational about genitals is a hero of mine. To do it with such artistry, skill and hilarity is a great achievement. Top marks!” — Jamie McCartney, Sculptor of “The Great Wall of Vagina”

“Vulva, vagina, call it what you like, Morgan knows how to draw it — with love, respect, and just enough whimsy. Get out your crayons and get to know this fantastic body part much better… you (or perhaps a friend with a vagina) will be glad you did!” — Carol Queen, Ph.D., Center for Sex & Culture

“I own an adult romance company called Intimate Tickles and we have carried the following books by Morgan Hastings – The Big Book of Vaginas, The Big Book of Cocks and The Big Book of Sex Positions for over a year.  Customers find them entertaining, the attention to detail is amazing, and we have gotten good feedback on our website. These are books you will want to add to your adult coloring collection.” — Virginia White, CEO, Intimate Tickles, LLC

“Hilarity aside, this book is kind of a must-have in a world where women’s bodies are constantly slandered as gross, bizarre or abnormal. In illustrating a wide variety of different ~lady parts~, Hastings asserts that every body is beautiful in its uniqueness.” — Bluestockings Magazine