Happy 10 year anniversary, Big Book Alt Press! We started in San Francisco in 2007, and first caught the eye of Playboy which gave us our initial recognition. We were the first erotic coloring book company in the world! The company is a labor of love by illustrator, Morgan Hastings. All Big Book Alt Press books are original and hand-illustrated. They are for people with a sense of humor, adventure and fun, who admire the beauty of our bodies and what we can do with them and how funny they can look at times. A life examined with giggles is worth living!

Morgan has worked at several large computer game companies as a 3d artist and art director. He has a master’s degree in music and has played at Tanglewood under Leonard Bernstein and with the Boston Symphony Orchestra under Seiji Ozawa. He paints in oils, performs and directs in a local theatre group, and has no desire at all to learn how to knit (that he knows of). He lives in New York with his wife and two Dachshunds.