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Big Book Alt Press is about fun
and appreciation for our bodies in
all their adorable glory.

Big Book Alt Press' coloring books and novelties are great for all kinds of occasions! Birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, Hannukah, Christmas... any occasion where you might want to make someone blush, or laugh themselves silly. Our coloring books have sold to every continent even antarcita! (although that was a gift...) and has been sold to every state in the U.S. and its territories. Big Book has been on the radio, and even featured on the television show, "American princess" and rated #19 out of 100 best humor and entertainment books on Reddit!

Find something funny for yourself and a friend! A life examined with giggles is worth living!

BBAP's Catalog:


Color up your Vagina Coloring Books from Big Book Alt Press with this NEW Vulva shaped Crayon set! Hand-made and produced from the Big Book Alt Press headquarters! Color up what makes your world go 'round! Also very useful for love letters!

Color your funny bits with this delightfully whimsical book with amusing puzzles and fill-in-the-blanks! Here's what some people have to say about the book:
“Morgan’s book is a humorous and loving look at genital variety in all their wonder. Anyone who takes such great care to be respectful, inclusive and educational about genitals is a hero of mine. To do it with such artistry, skill and hilarity is a great achievement. Top marks!”Jamie McCartney, Sculptor of “The Great Wall of Vagina”
“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Big Coloring Book of Vaginas. A great concept, well executed, educational, and a joyous work of erotic art. Ideal for people with and without vaginas. No crayons even needed to enjoy it.”Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D.
“We enjoyed Morgan’s whimsical and beautiful drawings so much that we put it in our film, Vulva 3.0. The illustrations are respectful and loving.”Claudia Richarz and Ulrike Zimmermann, directors of “Vulva 3.0”
“Vulva, vagina, call it what you like, Morgan knows how to draw it — with love, respect, and just enough whimsy. Get out your crayons and get to know this fantastic body part much better… you (or perhaps a friend with a vagina) will be glad you did!”Carol Queen, Ph.D., Center for Sex & Culture
“Hilarity aside, this book is kind of a must-have in a world where women’s bodies are constantly slandered as gross, bizarre or abnormal. In illustrating a wide variety of different ~lady parts~, Hastings asserts that every body is beautiful in its uniqueness.” — Bluestockings Magazine


Three vulva shaped hand-made candles from Big Book Alt Press just in time for the holidays! Light up what you love! No need to giggle in the dark!


The Big Coloring Book of Vaginas is now in Spanish!: "El Gran Libro de Vaginas Para Colorear!"

Las vaginas, o vulvas, son una huella dactilar. Capturado en este libro junto con rompecabezas divertidos y juegos es la singularidad de la vagina bellamente ilustrada. Desde la vagina compacta y lisa hasta la vagina peinada con los labios llenos. Algunos están perforados, otros están tatuados, otros son de voz suave y otros están en tu cara. ¡ilustra estas bellas vaginas con tu imaginación y muestra amor por lo que hace girar tu mundo!


The Big Coloring Book of Vaginas is now in French!: "Le Grand Livre a Colorier du Vagin!"

Les vagins, ou vulves, sont comme des empreintes digitales. Ce livre rend hommage à ce qui rend chaque vagin unique, à travers de magnifiques illustrations, jeux et activités. Du vagin lisse et compact, à celui poilu aux lèvres charnues. Certains sont percés, certains sont tatoués, certains sont discrets et certains vous sautent aux yeux! Utilisez votre imagination pour colorier ces vagins et montrez votre amour pour ce qui fait tourner le monde!


Cock shaped hand made crayons from Big Book Alt Press! Great for coloring in your copy of the "Big Coloring Book of Cocks" or for writing love letters! Bring 'em out and let the coloring and giggles commence!


The Big Coloring Book of Vaginas is now in German!: "Das Grosse Vulva-Malbuch!"

Vulven sind wie ein Fingerabdruck. In diesem Buch ist die Einzigartigkeit der Vulva in wundervollen Zeichnungen festgehalten. Von der kompakten und geschmeidigen Vulva bis zur frisierten Vulva mit vollen Lippen. Einige sind gepierct, einige tätowiert, einige sind zurückhaltend, einige provozierend! Bemale diese wunderschönen Vulven so, wie es nur dir gefällt. Liebe deine Vulva - sie ist das Zentrum deiner Welt.


Big Beeswax Cock shaped Candle from Big Book Alt Press with hemp wick! Light it up and surprise (and most likely embarrass) your friends!

Let's do it... Sex is just funny; It's hot and heavy and fun and joyous. Sex curls our toes, sparks our imagination, delightfully stimulates a multitude of sensations, makes us have funny faces, makes us docile and makes us crazy. We're motivated by it, curious about it, obsessed with it and hungry for it. Not all of us talk about it, but it's everywhere. Sex inspires creativity in art and literature, you can hear it in music or even in someone's voice. So let's do it for science, let's do it for love, let's do it for fun, do it cause we're here, cause we're curious, cause it makes us happy, brings us joy, brings us close, drives us with heat, sweat, breath, hunter, hunted, lover, loved, a culmination and a radiant collapse. Color how much you love sex with The Big Coloring Book of Sex Positions! What color you choose for the afterglow is totally up to you. 30 Pages of Sex Positions and Fun Activities!

The cock as a symbol represents strength, fertility, virility and finds its way into architecture with the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Coit Tower, Roman pillars and columns, into psychology with Freud, into literature with phallic metaphors in Shakespeare’s plays, in art with Mapplethorpe’s flower photography, ancient sculptures and magical talismans, in anthropology with rituals of phallic adoration such as the maypole. Big Book Alt Press is proud to represent the phallus be it capped, cut, pierced, tattooed, crooked, or bulbous! Color up your praise of the great phallus with the Big Coloring Book of Cocks!! Included in the book is a connect the dots, word search, and an "all about my cock" section.

Happy 10 year anniversary,
to Big Book Alt Press!

We started in San Francisco in 2007, and first caught the eye of Playboy which gave us our initial recognition. We were the first erotic coloring book company in the world! The company is a labor of love by illustrator, Morgan Hastings. All Big Book Alt Press books are original and hand-illustrated. They are for people with a sense of humor, adventure and fun, who admire the beauty of our bodies and what we can do with them and how funny they can look at times. A life examined with giggles is worth living! Morgan has worked at several large computer game companies as a 3d artist and art director. He has a master's degree in music and has played at Tanglewood under Leonard Bernstein and with the Boston Symphony Orchestra under Seiji Ozawa. He paints in oils, performs and directs in a local theatre group, and has no desire at all to learn how to knit (that he knows of). He lives in New York with his wife and two Dachshunds.

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